Mobile Pilot Plant

Mobile Pilot Plant

Mobile Pilot Plant

Evaporation crystallization plant with external circulation circuit for evaporation and crystallization of aqueous solutions.
Depending on the operating conditions the evaporation capacity is approx. 300 kg/h.

Execution of the Plant:
Evaporation crystallizer with external heater and circulation circuit as well as vacuum system consisting of 2 surface condensers, a steam ejector and a vacuum pump.
A stand-alone compact control system, touch operator panel, control cabinet, measuring devices, control valves, cabling etc.

Heater -1 / 10 bar gauge pressure
Evaporation crystallizer: -1 / 0,5 bar gauge pressure

Floor area 2 m x 2 m
Height 10 m
Built up in the skid and transportable by truck.

Main Material:
Product-contacted: 1.4571 (316Ti)

Process Flow Sheet:
Process Flow Sheet

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