Reclamation of salt from raw materials

The production of inorganic salts from raw materials is one of the major duties of the inorganic industry. Most of these salts are gained from salt deposits. The most important raw materials are potassium raw salt, raw phosphate, rock salt and boron minerals.

Inorganic salt compounds may also be found elsewhere in the open country (desiccated salt lakes etc.). If sodium sulfate or sodium chloride compounds are available in form of rock these can be treated by means of a thermal separation process in order to produce highly pure sodium sulfate or sodium chloride.

We planned and erected a plant for the production of highly pure sodium sulfate from “desert sand” in the Near East. There is a salt layer of abt. 300 mm thickness on the soil. The major components are inorganic salts like sodium sulfate, sodium chloride, magnesium sulfate and calcium sulfate.
The production capacity of the plant amounts to 35.000 tons a year highly pure Na2S04 or NaCl.

As the plant works very profitably the client placed an order for two other plants of the same type.