Piping and Pipeline Construction


EBNER utilizes state-of-the-art technology for the construction of pipelines specifically designed for use in its own facilities and customer-specific projects. These pipelines are characterized by their fabrication from high-alloy stainless steels and special materials, ensuring high performance and durability even under demanding conditions.

From concept to realization: High-quality pipeline construction at EBNER

EBNER’s pipeline construction encompasses the process from planning and design to manufacturing and assembly of piping systems. Advanced methods are used to plan, manufacture, and install pipelines and piping systems, with a particular focus on precision and manufacturing quality.

The use of high-alloy stainless steels and special materials ensures high corrosion resistance and mechanical strength, which allows for a long life span of the systems. In addition, pipe parts are prefabricated for subsequent coating (rubber lining, enameling, etc.).

Pipeline construction

Advantages of Pipeline Construction at EBNER

  • High-quality materials: Use of high-alloy stainless steels and special materials for maximum resistance and longevity.
  • Customized solutions: Individual adaptation to customer wishes and specific project requirements.
  • Pre-treatment for coatings: Prefabricated pipe parts are optimally prepared for coatings such as rubber lining or enameling.
  • Complex retrofit projects: Competence in realizing demanding retrofit projects.
  • Quality assurance: Strict quality controls ensure compliance with all relevant industry standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What materials does EBNER use in pipeline construction?

EBNER uses high-alloy stainless steels and special materials, specifically selected for their corrosion resistance, mechanical strength, and longevity.

Can EBNER manufacture custom piping systems?

Yes, EBNER specializes in the manufacture of tailor-made piping systems that are customized to the individual needs of customers.

What types of coatings can EBNER offer for pipelines?

EBNER offers pre-treatment for various coating processes, such as rubber lining or enameling, to provide additional protection to the pipelines.

Does EBNER have experience with complex retrofit projects?

EBNER has extensive experience in realizing complex retrofit projects and can meet demanding requirements.