Commissioning and Start-Up of Plants, Equipment and Apparatuses


The commissioning of plants, equipment and apparatuses is a crucial step to ensure functionality and efficiency. At EBNER, our experienced engineers undertake this process when needed – and this always with the utmost precision and care , ensuring that each plant operates optimally and meets our high quality standards.

Our Commissioning Process:

For each project, if desired, we assemble a specialized commissioning team led by the respective project manager. This team takes over the plant after mechanical completion and carries out a series of essential steps to ensure operational readiness.

Commissioning by own staff

Key steps:

  • Pressure and Leak Test: Checking plant tightness with water.
  • Vacuum Test: Checking the plant for potential leaks in a vacuum.
  • Cold Commissioning: Checking electrical components, setting up measurement technology and plant control.
  • Hot Commissioning: Checking the plant under operating conditions.
  • Trial Operation: Checking the plant under real conditions.
  • Acceptance and Conclusion: Verifying the plant’s compliance with specifications and concluding the commissioning process.

Custom Requirements:

The tasks are also carried out around the clock in shifts, according to customer preferences. We also offer training for operational staff to ensure efficient and safe operation of the plant.

Experience and Quality

Our extensive experience with sensitive plant components, such as mechanical seals on pumps, allows us to avoid unnecessary damage and costs while maximizing the plant’s lifespan and performance.

Commissioning with EBNER: Reliable and customer-oriented

Commissioning plants, equipment and apparatuses with EBNER ensures that each plant operates reliably, efficiently, and safely. Our engineers work closely with clients to meet individual requirements and ensure the highest satisfaction.