Professional Assembly and Erection of Plants, Equipment and Apparatuses

Assembly team

EBNER is your competent partner for the installation of plants, equipment and apparatuses. With experience dating back to 1965 in plant, equipment and apparatus construction, we offer comprehensive services as general planners, taking over the entire handling and coordination of installation work. This saves our customers valuable time and significantly reduces costs.

Comprehensive Coordination and Handling

We coordinate the collaboration with specialized companies in various fields, including:

  • Earth and concrete work
  • Steel construction
  • Transport
  • Crane operations
  • Insulation
  • Painting

Our installers work in a structured manner and according to a predetermined schedule to ensure that all installation work is completed on time and to the full satisfaction of our customers.

Experience and Flexibility

Our installation team has continuously evolved through integration into our manufacturing area and the flexible deployment from project to project. This has led to extensive know-how in the field of complex installation tasks. Our installers pick up where others leave off, offering specialized services that set us apart from others.

Piping assembly

Specialized Installation Services

Our focus includes:

  • Installation of sensitive rubberized or coated equipment parts and pipelines
  • Conducting inspections for recurring tests (including TÜV)
  • Performing wall thickness measurements to detect corrosion
  • On-site replacement of tubes in existing heat exchangers (including fragile graphite tubes)
  • Welding of high-quality stainless steels and special materials
Erection of complete plants

Quality and Customer Satisfaction

EBNER places great emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction. Our structured approach and commitment to each project have already led to numerous successful installation works in the million Euro range. We are proud to offer our customers high-quality services and solutions that exceed their expectations.

Your Partner for the Installation of Plants and Apparatuses

Choose EBNER as your reliable partner for the installation of plants and apparatuses. Benefit from our long-standing experience, comprehensive know-how, and professionalism. Contact us today to learn more about our diverse services in the installation sector.