Evaporator of the wastewater treatment plant

Plant Engineering and Construction

Based on the know-how of several decades and on the basis of numerous patents, EBNER’s range of supplies covers a wide area of thermal process engineering. EBNER’s core competencies lie in the planning, manufacturing, assembly and commissioning of turnkey plants for the reprocessing of aqueous solutions and the transformation of raw materials for the extraction of salts.


The following processes are used in this context

These subprocesses are combined into the following types of plants, among others

Evaporators and crystallizers

Your advantages with EBNER in plant engineering

With over 50 years of experience in the industry, EBNER places a premium on quality and ease of operation of the plants.

  • Customized plant conception: We develop plants precisely tailored to your production requirements and objectives.
  • Just one Source: Everything from a single source, we take care of the complete processing from planning to commissioning with our own personnel.
  • Long-standing experience: Benefit from our comprehensive expertise in developing plants for various industrial sectors.
  • German engineering: As a German company, we focus on the highest quality and precision in every phase of plant engineering and construction.

Do you need help with an individual project?

EBNER has been your partner for individual solutions in apparatus and plant engineering since 1965




Areas of Application

  • General industry: Evaporation of contaminated wastewater to reduce the load and recover valuable materials
  • Viscose fiber industry: Spinning bath regeneration through degasification, flash evaporation, crystallization of Glauber’s salt, and calcination to anhydrous sodium sulfate
  • Salt industry: Evaporation of brine and crystallization of salts with upstream brine purification incl. dissolving of raw salt
  • Potash industry: Evaporation from various solutions and crystallization of various salts
  • Biodiesel production: Evaporation of glycerin wastewater
  • Power plants: Plants for the treatment of wastewater from flue gas desulfurization
  • Nuclear power plants: Evaporation of radioactively contaminated wastewater
  • Galvanic industry: Treatment of electrolysis baths and evaporation of acid or brine and crystallization
  • Landfills: Treatment of wastewater to reduce the load and recover valuable materials
  • Steel and rolling mills: Pickling bath regeneration
Large-scale crystallization facility

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