Regeneration of Electrolysis Bath

Regeneration of electrolysis bath

EBNER was awarded the contract for the planning and delivery of an evaporation plant and a decompression cooling plant for the regeneration of highly aggressive, hydrochloric acid electrolysis bath from a Russian client before the year 2020.

  • Region: Russia
  • Plant Type/ Process: Evaporation Plant
  • Services: Engineering, Manufacturing, Erection, Commissioning

Evaporation Plants for Electrolysis Baths in Russia

The electrolysis bath is contaminated with water during the process by the client. To reuse it in the client’s production, the introduced water needs to be removed. This is achieved in a two-effect evaporation plant, which operates with fresh steam as the primary energy source.

In the second plant, the incoming solution at about 80°C is cooled to approximately 74°C. This is achieved by evaporation under vacuum.

The challenge of the plants lay in selecting suitable materials and coatings resistant to aggressive media. Additionally, specific requirements for delivery to Russia and operation there had to be met, including obtaining various certifications.

EBNER was awarded this contract mainly for its reputation for achieving the highest quality in manufactured components. EBNER met these standards, leading to a subsequent order for a similar evaporation plant due to the client’s capacity expansion.

Regeneration of electrolysis bath
Regeneration of electrolysis bath

Technical Data of the Plant

Evaporation Plant:

  • Feed rate of solution: 8.8 m³/h
  • Main components of the solution: NiCl₂, CoCl₂, FeCl₂
  • Water evaporation: 2.7 t/h

Flash Cooling Plant:

  • Feed rate of solution: 100 m³/h
  • Main components of the solution: NiCl₂, CoCl₂, FeCl₂
  • Water evaporation: 1 t/h

Scope of Supply

EBNER’s scope of supply included, among others:

Tube bundle heat exchanger during lifting

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