Mobile Pilot Plant

Automation of the mobile test facility

To determine the key process engineering parameters of complex liquids that are to be either evaporated or crystallized, and in order to simulate the process under real conditions at site, EBNER offers an innovative mobile pilot plant for rent. This plant allows for evaporation and crystallization on site, offering maximum flexibility and efficiency.

Mobility and Installation

The mobile pilot plant is placed in a skid, making it easily transportable to the customer site by standard truck trailers. This enables quick and hassle-free commissioning directly at the customer’s location.

Mobile test plant

Versatile Applications

The mobile pilot plant can be used for various basic processes, including:

  • Evaporation: With a capacity of up to approximately 600 kg/h evaporation at bath temperatures of up to about 120 °C, operating with live steam as the heating medium.
  • Vacuum Cooling: Offering a cooling capacity of up to approximately 200 kW. Condensation is carried out using cooling water or refrigerated brine.
  • Direct Cooling: Also with a cooling capacity of up to approximately 200 kW, performed using cooling water or refrigerated brine.

Added value

With EBNER’s mobile pilot plant, realistic on-site operation can be tested, thus avoiding scale-up problems. The versatility and mobility of the plant enable efficient and precise analysis and optimization of processes, developing innovative and tailored solutions for your process.

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