Evaporation of MgCl₂ Solution

Circulation pipeline and pump

For example, in the production of potash, by-products containing high levels of magnesium chloride (MgCl₂) are generated.

To concentrate these, evaporation plants for MgCl₂ solutions are used.

There are some peculiarities to consider in MgCl₂ plants, which are inherent to magnesium chloride.

MgCl₂ has a high solubility and consequently a high boiling point elevation, which especially makes the operation of evaporation with mechanical vapor recompression and with thermal vapor recompression uneconomical.

As an alternative, multi-effect evaporation with fresh steam heating has been established.

A challenge is the materials that must withstand the highly corrosive solution.

Evaporation plant for MgCl2 solution and crystallization plant

There is also the possibility of crystallizing MgCl₂ as bischofite (MgCl₂ 6H₂O), which is usually carried out on flaker or granulator machines.

Here, the previously concentrated, hot MgCl₂ solution is applied to the cold surfaces of the corresponding crystallization units, causing the liquid to solidify and form a solid crystal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it also possible to crystallize other hydrations of MgCl₂?

Producing other hydrate forms is unusual. Although it is theoretically possible to operate evaporation plants for MgCl₂ solution at high temperatures, which allows the crystallization of e.g. MgCl₂ 4H₂O, the high corrosion potential of the solution poses significant risks.

What materials are evaporation plants for MgCl₂ solution made of?

The choice of materials for evaporation plants for MgCl₂ solution depends, among other things, on the preferences of the customer. For example, a combination of rubber-lined steel, aluminum bronze, high-quality stainless steels, and titanium can be used.

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