Table Salt from Brine

Assembly of the crystallizer

EBNER was awarded a contract by a saltworks in Austria for the planning, delivery, and erection of a plant for the extraction of high-purity table salt (NaCl) from brine through a combined and patented circuit of evaporation and cooling crystallization, which is characterized by particularly high economic efficiency.

Optimized Salt Production: NaCl Crystallization with Energy Saving

EBNER developed a process specifically tailored to the saltworks. The brine is initially extracted through cavern mining and pre-cleaned in a brine purification stage. The evaporation plant operates with mechanical vapor recompression (turbo-compression), meaning electrical energy is used for evaporation instead of steam energy.

The produced NaCl salt is separated. The remaining saturated hot mother liquor is partially depressurized in a downstream multi-effect plant, partly under vacuum, which further crystallizes additional NaCl salt. The vapor generated in the stages by decompression heats each subsequent stage and provides additional evaporation without the use of additional heating energy, thereby saving energy. The produced salt is separated and, along with the salt generated in the evaporator plant, fed into the drying, packaging, and storage system.

Erection of the crystallizer

EBNER Masters Complex Erection: Prefabrication and Erection of an Evaporator

In this project, EBNER was able to demonstrate its expertise in complex on-site erections. The crystallizer with a diameter of over 6m was prefabricated in pieces in the in-house fabrication and assembled on-site at the customer’s premises. A major challenge was the high-quality material and the associated complex welding work, including post-treatment.

EBNER was awarded this contract not only because of the much higher economic efficiency compared to the competition but also because of the good experiences with EBNER based on a previously completed project to the customer’s fullest satisfaction

Piping of evaporator and demister

Technical Data of the Plant

  • Feed rate of solution: 180 m³/h
  • Main components of the solution: NaCl, KCl, Na₂SO₄
  • Water evaporation: 150 t/h
  • Product: NaCl
  • Production volume: 50 t/h

Scope of Services of the Project

EBNER’s “turn-key” scope of supply with company personnel included, among others:

Erection of the crystallization plant
Tube bundle heat exchanger during lifting

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