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Karl Ebner founded the company in 1965 after looking back on many years as one of the leading engineers of the company LURGI. At an age when most people are preparing for their retirement, Karl Ebner has ventured into self-employment with enthusiasm and spiritual freshness, using his financial resources setting up a company that has revolutionized the spin bath treatment of the world’s viscose fiber industry from the start.

Through new and further developments of which many were patented, Karl Ebner has made the company the global market and technology leader in spin bath processing. With increasing success and a constantly growing number of qualified employees, Karl Ebner has expanded the company and extended the service in the field of thermal process engineering to other branches of industry.

The lean organization and the “Just one source” strategy, which makes a continuous quality control possible, were the key to success in establishing a global, satisfied customer base.

In 1974, Stefan Ebner joined the company after completing his engineering studies in process engineering and continues the tradition of designing energy-efficient plants with technical sophistication, ease of use and the highest quality requirements and offering them at reasonable prices. Constant development and the use of new technologies, as well as filling key positions in the company with competent employees, ensured sustainable success and growth.

Since 2014, the third generation is represented in the company by the entry of Sebastian Ebner in the ongoing business. A further advance towards the future in the context of the digitization and inclusion of the latest software technologies for greater flexibility, transparency and security in the planning and execution of projects ensures EBNER sustainably the position at the forefront of the evaporation and crystallization technology.
The basic principles of company Ebner – integrity, confidence and competence – play key roles for a growing client satisfaction.

Today, EBNER is one of the world’s leading suppliers of process technologies with a focus on evaporation and crystallization technology, and is as far as known the only supplier in the world that is able to manufacture the equipment that is used in the plants itself as well as to assemble it with its own personnel.



  • 50 years
  • Highest volume of orders in the company´s history through orders in Germany, Laos and Belarus
  • 552 plants since company´s foundation


  • Foundation of the Joint Venture EBNER-Sunshine Environment Protection Ltd. with partner Nantong Sunshine Graphite Equipment Co., Ltd
  • Investition in a production hall with a plasma cutting plant


  • Aloys Diel leaves the company as limited partner
  • Lisa Ebner and Sebastian Ebner join the family-owned company as limited partners


  • 40 years
  • Highest volume of orders in the company’s history and increase of staff to 112 employees
  • 450 plants since company´s foundation


  • Reduction in numbers of employees to 89 due to economic downturn


  • Change of legal form of the company to EBNER GmbH & Co. KG Plants and Apparatus


  • Participation in the company Schulz + Partner GmbH


  • Renaming of the street Industriestraße to Karl-Ebner-Straße in honor of the company’s founder


  • Company founder Karl Ebner dies


  • 25 years
  • Highest volume of orders since company’s foundation and number of employees of 109 people
  • Creation of CAD jobs in the construction department
  • 290 plants since company’s foundation


  • First exhibition at the fair Achemasia in Beijing/China


  • Setting up of a branch office in Oberursel


  • Change of name to EBNER & Co. KG Plants and Apparatus
  • First exhibition at the world’s largest chemistry trade fair Achema


  • First investment in EDV-equipment and first programming of plant calculations by Stefan Ebner


  • Stefan Ebner joines the company as limited partner
  • Dr. Otto Reeh leaves the company as limited partner


  • 10 years
  • Delivery of 140 plants since company’s foundation


  • Extension of the production hall in Eiterfeld/Leibolz


  • Construction of an office building in Eiterfeld/Leibolz


  • Move to new production hall in Eiterfeld/Leibolz with 39 employees


  • Foundation of Apparate- und Maschinenbau EBNER & Co. KG by Karl Ebner, Dr. Otto Reeh and Aloys Diel