At the beginning of 2021, EBNER was contacted by an existing customer regarding capacity extension for an existing plant. The plant in question was a 2-stage evaporation plant, which had been supplied by EBNER several decades ago and has been operating to the customer’s satisfaction since that time. Due to the need to increase capacity because of the customer’s good market situation, an offer was made for a cost-effective capacity extension. The contract for this was finally awarded in November 2021. EBNER planned to add another evaporator stage to the existing plant, whereby the existing production hall with its very tight space conditions presented a particular challenge. However, by using modern 3D laser measurement technology, the existing plant could be mapped and the plant extension planned accordingly.

Above all, this project represents EBNER’s philosophy: „Just one source“. In addition to the planning of the new plant, EBNER was also responsible for the production of the equipment and the installation of the entire plant.

This project is of particular importance to EBNER because all three generations of the EBNER family are now represented at the customer with their own projects. The first evaporation plant at the site was designed and built by the company founder Karl Ebner during his activities as chief engineer at the Lurgi company. The first extension was built by the company owner and 2nd generation Stefan Ebner and the new extension was mainly supervised by the 3rd generation through Sebastian Ebner, especially in the quotation phase and at the beginning of the project planning phase. This again shows that EBNER is appreciated as an experienced and long-standing supplier by business partners with a long-term entrepreneurial mindset. Due to a narrow time window of the plant shutdown at the customer’s site of only 2 weeks, the plant was built in July 2022 partly during the running operation of the other plants.

Update August 2022:

In August 2022, the plant extension was successfully commissioned by EBNER’s specialists on schedule, in compliance with all contractually fixed warranty parameters and to the customer’s satisfaction.

Update October 2022:

EBNER realizes on time the order from company Dynos GmbHfor capacity extension.

By adding another evaporator stage, the throughput of the evaporator plant is to be increased by 50%. During commissioning in August 2022, it was shown that the required capacity increase could even be exceeded to the great satisfaction of our customer. In the course of this plant extension, the previous plant operation for the evaporation plant directly at the control cabinet was replaced by a modern control system with a graphic visualization on 2 PC monitors. This enables a simpler and more efficient plant operation and evaluation.