In May 2021, Ebner receives an order from a long-standing customer in the Russian region for the project planning of a plant for flash cooling for solution with subsequent heat recovery.

The plant is used to effect concentration without crystallization and to ensure more efficient production at the customer.

The plant consists mainly of rubber-coated steel apparatus to withstand the high corrosion potential of the solution. Furthermore, metallic materials such as titanium or plastics are also used, for example on pumps.

For this order, Ebner covers the typical scope of supply according to the slogan “Just one source”. This ranges, among other things, from the computation of the plant, preparation of basic and detail engineering including I&C engineering with Ebner’s own personnel, manufacture of the main equipment in the company’s own workshop, to transport to the site, supervision of erection and commissioning.

Ebner was awarded the contract for the project primarily because of several reference plants at the customer’s site, each of which has been operating smoothly and to the customer’s satisfaction since commissioning.