Salt Extraction from Desert Sand

Raw salt cleaning of Na2SO4

EBNER was awarded the contract for the planning and supply of a plant for the extraction of high-purity sodium sulfate (Na₂SO₄) from “desert sand” in the Middle East. This sand is in the form of a salt layer about 100mm thick on the earth’s crust. This salt layer mainly consists of inorganic salts such as sodium sulfate, sodium chloride, magnesium sulfate, and calcium sulfate.

Process Steps

The following process steps, among others, are applied:

  • Mining and transportation of the raw salt to the plant
  • Dissolving the raw salt, removing unwanted, insoluble components and creating an aqueous solution
  • Crystallizing the salts in the aqueous solution through cooling crystallization, removing soluble components and producing Glauber’s salt (sodium sulfate with adherent water)
  • Melting Glauber’s salt and producing sodium sulfate (calcination)
  • Separating, drying, and packaging of sodium sulfate
  • Due to the high economic efficiency of the plant and the customer’s satisfaction with the quality and robustness of the plant after more than 10 years of operation, the customer ordered two more identical plants.
Raw salt cleaning of Na2SO4

Technical Data of the Plant

  • Feed rate of solution: 52 m³/h
  • Main components of solution: Na₂SO₄, NaCl
  • Water evaporation: 4.5 t/h
  • Product: Na₂SO₄
  • Production rate: 6,7 t/h

Scope of Supply

EBNER’s scope of supply with company personnel included, among others:

Final sodium sulfate as a marketable product
Tube bundle heat exchanger during lifting

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