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Food-grade salt from brine

(year 2015)

In 2015 EBNER was awarded the contract for planning and supplying a plant for production of highly pure food-grade salt (NaCl) from brine by an evaporation crystallization plant according to principle of mechanical vapour recompression of a food-grade salt producer in Russia.

The brine is initially extracted by leaching from a cavern and pre-cleaned in a brine purification stage. The evaporation plant is operated with mechanical vapour recompression by means of fans, i.e. electrical energy finds application for vaporizing instead of steam energy.

The crystallizer is equipped with a so-called salt leg through which the NaCl salt to be produced is purified and cooled. The crystal size of the sodium chloride can also be adjusted by such an apparatus.

The NaCl-salt produced is separated and fed to the drying-, packaging- and storage system.

Within in the framework of this project EBNER was again able to prove its competence in difficult and complex on-site assemblies. The evaporator with a diameter of 5,4 m was prefabricated in individual elements in the company’s own workshops and assembled on site of the customer. The high-grade material and the associated complex welding works including follow-up treatment under the most unfavorable conditions represented a considerable obstacle.

This order was placed with EBNER primarily on the basis of two different criteria:

On the one hand, the customer had made bad experiences with a plant built previously by a competitor. On the other hand the customer knew of an already built plant for a customer in Austria  and was convinced of the overall competence of EBNER during inspection of this plant and discussions with EBNER.

Technical data of the plant:

  • Feed rate solution: 88 m3/h
  • Main ingredients of the solution: NaCl, Na2SO4
  • Water evaporation: 68 t/h
  • Product: NaCl
  • Production rate: 21 t/h

Among other things, the delivery scope of company EBNER consisted of:

  • Basic- and detail engineering including design of the major components
  • Fabrication of major components
  • Supervision of erection of the entire plant incl. steel structure
  • Welding of equipment and pipelines, provided by customer, by company’s own personnel
  • Start-up supervision of the entire plant