In February 2020, EBNER, together with a German partner, was awarded a contract for the design, partial fabrication, delivery and erection supervision of 2 identical large-scale plants for a company in the field of potassium chloride (MOP) production in Belarus.

The customer had been planning for several years to realize the concept of a completely new factory for the production of potassium salts and thus to become the second major producer from Belarus. After the question of financing had been settled, EBNER was able to prevail over well-known competitors in the field of large-scale plant construction due to the very good reference of a comparable plant, the flexibility appreciated by the customer and an optimal price-performance ratio.

The plant is designed as a multi-stage vacuum cooling crystallization system in which hot solution is cooled by evaporation and thus salt is crystallized by the cooling.

The plant is made of the highest quality materials, such as product-contacted monel (crystallizers) and full titanium (surface condensers).

Due to the large financial volume, the project is being handled together with a partner who also has good experience in local project handling. The technical solution, however, comes entirely from EBNER.