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By lowering the pressure, the partial pressure of the dissolved gases are reduced so that they are released from the solution.

Process description

In a single-stage vacuum degassing system, the solution is sprayed in a vacuum tank EG1, where air and other gases are expelled to a great extent. If required, the first stage EG1 can be followed by a second stage EG2 in which further water evaporates and the solution is further degassed. The water steam acts as a carrier gas and improves degassing to achieve optimum results. The gases are sucked off by means of steam jet pumps ED1 and ED2 and water steam is condensed to a great extent in surface condensers OK1 and OK2 before the gases are compressed to atmospheric pressure by means of a vacuum pump VP.


  • Efficient degassing.
  • Energy-efficient vacuum generation.
  • Suitable for various applications.


  • Condensation of occurring vapour in mixing- or surface condensers.