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Steam jet pumps

EBNER manufactures steam jet pumps (also known as jet pumps or Venturi pumps) for use in its own plants and on customer’s request.

Steam jet pumps can be used for vacuum generation as well as for thermal vapour recompression.

They suck in steam, vapour or other gases at low pressure and compress them to a higher pressure. Steam jet pumps essentially consist of three parts:

  • the high-pressure nozzle
  • a head part
  • the Venturi-shaped diffuser

Water vapour is normally used as a propellant. However, other vapours or gases can also be used. Each steam jet pump is designed for specific conditions and can therefore only overcome a certain pressure gradient.

If the pressure difference is greater, several steam jet pumps are connected in series. In the case of vacuum generation, condensers are used between the steam jet pumps in order to condense the power steam of the upstream steam jet pump.