EBNER / Portfolio / Services / Fabrication


The unprecedented level of quality of products and services is guaranteed by highly qualified and experienced employees, most of whom have already completed their education at EBNER.

The workshops at the company headquarters in Eiterfeld have a production area of approx. 6,000 m² and are equipped with the following production equipment, among others:

  • Precise cutting and marking by means of fine jet plasma plant
  • CNC drilling
  • CNC milling
  • Sawing machines
  • Grinding machines (e. g. belt grinding machine)
  • Sheet metal working machines (e. g. bending machines, plate shears)
  • Sheet metal rolling
  • Presses
  • Machine tools (e. g. lathes, milling machines)
  • Clamping and welding devices (e. g. welding blocks, roller brackets)
  • Crane and handling equipment (e. g. indoor crane, forklift truck)
  • Electric welding equipment
  • Metal arc welding equipment (MAG)
  • Inert gas welding equipment (WIG)
  • Plasma plug welding machine
  • Tube welding equipment (WIG, MAG)
  • Automatic welding slides for circumferential welds
  • Other welding equipment (e. g. extraction systems)