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Crystallization from process brine

(year 2012)

In 2013, EBNER was awarded the contract for planning and delivery of 2 evaporation crystallization plants for process brine from a well-known global potash and salt producer headquartered in Germany.

The process liquors are warmed up to the boiling point by means of live steam in a four-stage and a double-stage plant and water is evaporated in this case. The respective solubility of some salts contained in the caustic solution is exceeded and thus salt is crystallized. The plants operate on the counter-flow principle. This means that the feed lye is fed to the coldest stage and is then led in rows up to the hottest stage. The suspension contained in the hottest stage then is fed out of the plant respectively is pumped off and taken over by the customer.

The challenge of the plants consisted on the one hand in the selection of suitable materials and coatings that are resistant to the aggressive media. Here, steel-rubber-lined design found application for the main components. High-grade titanium and aluminum bronze were also used.

The contract has been awarded to EBNER primarily because of business relations maintained between the customer and EBNER for several decades. Over this long period company EBNER has always been able to react quickly and competently to customer’s requirements in the field of apparatus construction and service at upcoming works. EBNER could meet the high requirements, so that in the year 2015 another order from the customer was placed with EBNER for a large-scale project of particular importance.

Technical data of the plant:

Evaporation crystallization plant 4-stage:

  • Feed rate solution: 135 m3/h
  • Main ingredients of the solution: MgCl2, NaCl, KCl, MgSO4
  • Water evaporation: 47 t/h
  • Product: KCl, NaCl, Kainit
  • Production rate: 23 t/h

Evaporation crystallization plant double-stage:

  • Feed rate solution: 80 m3/h
  • Main ingredients of the solution: MgCl2, NaCl, KCl, MgSO4
  • Water evaporation: 30 t/h
  • Product: Langbeinit
  • Production rate: 4,3 t/h

The scope of delivery of EBNER with company-internal personnel consisted, among other things, of:

  • Basic- and detail engineering including design of the major components
  • Fabrication of major components
  • Erection of the entire plant
  • Start-up of the entire plant