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Evaporation system for radioactively contaminated waste water

(year 2008)

In 2008, EBNER was awarded the contract for the planning, supply and installation of a plant for the evaporation of radioactively contaminated waste water for the dismantling of a nuclear power plant in Germany.

When a nuclear power station is dismantled, the radioactively contaminated equipment is comminuted and subsequently decontaminated. Usually this is done by thorough washing of this equipment. This produces radioactively contaminated waste water, which is treated in an evaporation plant.

The purpose of the evaporation plant is to clean the waste water to such an extent that it is possible to reuse the distillates or to discharge in compliance with the regulations. The waste water volume is reduced to a minimum, which leads to a sharp reduction in landfill costs. The waste water is stored in raw water tanks and evaporated in the evaporation plant after pretreatment. In this process, the salts and solids are concentrated in the waste water by dehydration to form a concentrate. The concentrate is conveyed from the evaporator into a concentrate tank and then discharged to the drying plant for further treatment. After drying, the residue is stored in intermediate and final dumps. The developing vapour are passed through a mist eliminator and afterwards purified in a column because a high decontamination factor (1: 1,000,000) must be maintained in the vapour and distillate. The condensation of the vapour is then carried out by means of cooling water in a surface condenser. The distillate is passed into the distillate tank and, after analysis and release, is reused as rinse water or discharged to the receiving water.

EBNER was awarded the contract primarily on the basis of the constant quality assurance over the entire course of the project and the high production quality of the components.

Technical data of the plant:

  • Feed rate waste water: 3 m3/h
  • Water evaporation including flushing water for washing the vapour: 4 t/h

The scope of delivery consisted, among other things, of:

  • Basic- and Detail-Engineering incl. design of the main components
  • Fabrication main components
  • Start-up supervision of the entire plant with reference solution