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Food-grade salt from brine

(year 2007)

In 2007, EBNER was awarded by a saline in Austria a contract for the planning, supply and installation of a plant for the production of high-purity table salt (NaCl) from brine through a combined and patented circuit of evaporation and cooling crystallization, which is characterized by particularly high efficiency.

In this project, EBNER developed a process specially tailored to the requirements of saline. The brine is first obtained by cavern exploitation and pre-cleaned in a brine cleaning stage. The evaporation plant is operated with mechanical vapour recompression (turbo compression), which means that electrical energy is used instead of steam energy for evaporation.

The NaCl salt produced in this process is separated. The remaining saturated hot mother liquor is partially flashed in a downstream multi-stage plant under vacuum, whereby NaCl salt is additionally crystallized out. The vapour obtained in the stages through expansion heats the respectively next stage and ensures additional evaporation without using additional heating energy, which saves energy. The produced salt is separated and fed together with the salt produced in the evaporation plant to the drying, packaging and storage system.

Within the context of this project, EBNER was able to demonstrate its competence for difficult on-site assembly work. For example, the evaporator with a diameter of more than 6 m was prefabricated in the factory-internal halls and assembled at the customer’s site. A great hurdle was the high-quality material and the associated complex welding works including post treatment.

The contract was awarded to EBNER not only because of the much higher profitability compared to the competition, but also due to the good experience with EBNER based on a project settled previously to customer’s fullest satisfaction.

Technical specifications of the plant:

  • Feed rate solution: 180 m3/h
  • Main ingredients solution: NaCl, KCl, Na2SO4
  • Water evaporation: 150 t/h
  • Product: NaCl
  • Production rate: 50 t/h

The scope of delivery on “Turn-key-basis” of EBNER with company-internal personnel consisted, among other things, of:

  • Basic and detail engineering incl. design of main components
  • Manufacturing of main components after in-house prefabrication
  • Installation of the complete plant including steel structure
  • Commissioning of the complete plant