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Large-scale plant for purification of waste water and production of saleable salt

(year 2015)

In 2015 an order was placed with EBNER for planning, delivering and erecting a plant for purification of waste water and production of saleable salt by an evaporation crystallization plant with downstream cooling crystallization by a reputable, worldwide operating potash and salt producer headquartered in Germany.

The plant projected by EBNER is part of a customer’s package of measures to achieve the aim of reducing waste water of several factories. These measures represent Europe’s largest individual investment in the history of this customer and are because of high media interest of greatest importance. With this project the customer once again placed his trust in the competence of EBNER mainly due to the fact of the cooperation between the two companies for several decades. Thus EBNER could handle its first project in large-scale plant construction.

The existing waste water is evaporated in a triple-stage evaporation plant and salt is crystallized for the time being. A multistage pre-heating route was realized in this case to ensure minimum primary energy consumption in form of fresh steam.

The third stage of the plant has such a dimension (diameter evaporator 6,8 m) so that this was executed twice. The other components of the plant also represented a special challenge in this case. So, the heater of the second stage with a weight of approx. 120 tons is the heaviest apparatus being built by EBNER in one piece.

After the evaporation crystallization the arisen suspension is fed into four agitation vessels connected in series with a volume of 250 m3 each, in which case further salt crystals are precipitated and salt crystals available will grow further.
From here the main part of the suspension is led into a single-stage flash evaporation, in which water is evaporated by applying of vacuum and thus the temperature of the suspension is reduced.
Afterwards the suspension reaches the last process step being part of delivery scope of EBNER. There a further cooling-down takes place in a double-stage cooling crystallization. On the one hand cooling water serves as cooling medium and on the other hand cold brine from a refrigerating machine.

As mentioned already, this project was and is for the customer of highest priority. EBNER got the surcharge for this order primarily due to the projects which have already been settled for the customer in the plant- and apparatus construction  as well as in the engineering/service.

This overall competence and the known degree of flexibility respectively fast reactions of EBNER could convince the customer to realize probably the most important investment in the history of the Group in Europe with EBNER.

Technical Data of the plant:

  • Feed rate solution: 405 m3/h
  • Main ingredients of the solution: MgCl2, NaCl, KCl, MgSO4
  • Water evaporation: 185 t/h
  • Product: Kainit, NaCl, KCl
  • Production rate: 95 t/h

Among other things, the delivery scope of company EBNER consisted of:

  • Basic- and detail engineering including design of the major components
  • Fabrication of major components
  • Erection of the entire plant
  • Start-up of the entire plant