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Regeneration of electrolysis bath

(year 2013 and 2018)

In 2013 EBNER was awarded the contract for planning and supplying an evaporation plant and a flash cooling plant for regeneration of highly aggressive, hydrochloric electrolytic baths by a Russian customer.

The electrolytic bath is contaminated with water by the customer during the process. To be able to reuse this in the production of the customer, the water brought in must be withdrawn. This takes place in a double-stage evaporation plant which is operated with live steam as primary energy.

IN the second plant the solution flowing in with approx. 80°C is cooled-down to approx. 74°C. This happens by evaporation in the vacuum.

On the one hand, EBNER was faced with the challenge to select appropriate material and coatings for the plants that are resistant against aggressive media and on the other hand to fulfill special requirements for the delivery to Russia and the operation at site as well as to obtain various certifications.

The order was placed with EBNER primarily basing on its reputation of achieving the highest quality in the manufactured components. Due to the fact that EBNER was able to meet the expectations in this respect, a new order for a similar evaporation plant on basis of client’s intensions and objectives to expand the capacity took place in year 2018.

Technical data of the plant:

Evaporation plant:

  • Feed rate solution: 8,8 m3/h
  • Main ingredients of the solution: NiCl2, CoCl2, FeCl2
  • Water evaporation: 2,7 t/h

Flash cooling plant:

  • Feed rate solution: 100 m3/h
  • Main ingredients of the solution: NiCl2, CoCl2, FeCl2
  • Water evaporation: 1 t/h

Among other things, the delivery scope of company EBNER consisted of:

  • Basic- and detail engineering including design of the major components
  • Fabrication of major components
  • Supervision of erection of the entire plant
  • Supervision of start-up of the entire plant